Wooden Sun Loungers

Best Wooden Sun Loungers for the Patio & Deck

The most well-known type of sun loungers is the wooden type. Most beaches and resorts have these because of their durability, plus they also have the ability to withstand getting drenched in water.

There are many high-quality wooden sun loungers out there, and if you haven’t got one yet, we’ve prepared a list of them for you!

Plant Theatre Reclining Hardwood Steamer Chair

The best choice for wooden loungers.

Dimensions: 140x54x91 cm | Weight: 13.7kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: None

+ Beautiful, hand-finished design

+ Reclines into 3 positions

+ Removable footrest

The Plant Theatre Reclining Hardwood Steamer Chair is one the best-sellers you will find out there. It’s made from hardwood Acacia and has a stained, oiled finish to match the green scenery and other wood-made furniture.

This lounger has three reclining positions and a removable footrest, which means it can be converted to a deck chair. There’s also no need to assemble this, as you can use it straight out of the box, making it hassle-free for new owners.

Galapara Adjustable Wooden Sun Lounger

An easy-to-move wooden sun lounger.

Dimensions: 107x54x19.5 cm | Weight: 23.5kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: None

+ Made of natural Acacia wood

+ Sturdy, weather-resistant finish

+ Built with 2 wheels for easier relocation

The Galapara Adjustable Wooden Sun Lounger is intended for outdoor use. It is made with two wheels for better mobility, and the backrest has 5 reclining positions.

This lounger is also equipped with a chaise lounge pull-out table where you can place your gadgets and food while relaxing. The armrests also provide incredible support.

KidKraft Double Sun Lounger for Children

The perfect lounger for your kids.

Dimensions: 92.7×84.8×89.2 cm | Weight: 12.97kg | Colour: Beige (Striped) | Cushions: Included

+ Premium and sophisticated design

+ Thick and soft cushions

+ Built-in coasters (2)

This stylish and comfortable sun lounger is made from great-quality wood, and is perfect for children!

It comes with a foam that offers excellent comfort, and it’s built with a three-sided canopy that shields your kids from the sun. It can accommodate two children from ages three years and above.

Chicreat Teak Lounger

Best for alone times under the sun.

Dimensions: 153x60x99 cm | Weight: 26kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: None

+ Durable and weather-resistant

+ Natural Teak wood

+ Elegant handcrafted finish

Experience vacation at home with the CHICREAT Teak Lounger. It is made from natural Teak, which is known to withstand any type of weather, making this lounger ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

It has an adjustable backrest, and it can also be folded for easy storage.

Ukmaster Rocking Bamboo Lounge

Ideal for those who prefer rocking chairs.

Dimensions: 98x65x20 cm | Weight: 13.24kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: None

+ Comfortable ergonomic design

+ Sturdy Bamboo construction

+ Pleasurable rocking motion

With its unique and ergonomic design, this sun lounger is the perfect gift for grandparents, parents, and even friends.

This rocking patio chair is made to relieve fatigue, ideal for taking a nap or reading a book under the sun.

The armrest can be adjusted in five positions, and it’s also built with a retractable massage board for extra comfort.

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