Rattan Sun Loungers

Best Rattan Sun Loungers for Comfort & Style

Hotels, resorts, and commercial beaches are only a few of the many places where we can find rattan sun loungers.

On top of their unique and stylish looks, these loungers are also known for their durable and comfortable ergonomic designs. This is why they are the most popular choice when it comes to poolside accessories.

If you are planning to get a rattan lounger beside your home pool, try checking out this list of the best options in the market.

Allibert by Keter Daytona Sun Lounger

Perfect for relaxing “me” times.

Dimensions: 65x195x22 cm | Weight: 12.86kg | Colour: Graphite | Cushions: Included

+ Simple yet stylish design

+ Padded cushioning

+ Offers 4 different positions

The Allibert by Keter Daytona Sun Lounger is the perfect choice if you prefer relaxing alone. Its base is entirely made of rattan, with thick and comfortable cushioning laid out on the top.

The fabric and foam is also low maintenance, meaning they are easy to wash and clean in the long run.

TecTake Rattan Sun Lounger

Ideal choice for taller people.

Dimensions: 190x62x34 cm | Weight: 12kg | Colour: Black | Cushions: Included

+ Thick and comfortable cushioning

+ Attractive modern design

+ Sturdy construction

If you are a taller person, the TecTake Rattan Sun Lounger could cater to your sun-bathing requirements.

This model is longer compared with its competitors, and it has a wider base to secure your comfort. With an easily adjustable reclining function, plus thick and comfortable cushions, you’ll get everything you need from this rattan lounger.

SONGMICS Rattan Sun Lounger

Amazing lounger for afternoon naps.

Dimensions: 195x65x40 cm | Weight: 16.2kg | Colour: Black | Cushions: Included

+ Soft and relaxing cushions

+ Sleek, modern design

+ Removable headrest

The SONGMICS Rattan Sun Lounger is perfect if you’re looking for something with a modern twist.

It may look like a regular rattan lounger, but the sleek design and sturdy construction says otherwise. It also reclines to your desired position, and you can even lay completely flat on your back.

BIRCHTREE Rattan Day Chair Sun Lounger

For those who tend to get bored at one spot.

Dimensions: 210x66x33 cm | Weight: 21.5kg  | Colour: Brown | Cushions: Included

+ Easy to assemble and maintain

+ The back wheels make it easy to move around

+ Durable frame construction

The BIRCHTREE Rattan Day Chair Sun Lounger is ideal if you tend to get bored on one spot.

Unlike other rattan loungers, it has two back wheels so you can move it anytime, anywhere. The overall design is also longer than other models, making it ideal for taller users.

Outsunny 2-Seater Rattan Sun Lounger

The best choice for couples.

Dimensions: 120x133x97 cm | Weight: 36kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: Included

+ One of the most luxurious rattan loungers

+ It can recline fully

+ Collapsible side tables

The Outsunny 2-Seater Rattan Sun Lounger is the favourite choice of couples, mainly because of all the space.

Just by looking at it alone, you will know that this lounger will provide those comfortable under-the-sun moments you’ve been craving for. It is also built with two side tables for you to place your drinks and other necessities.

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