Garden Clocks

Best Garden Clocks 

Gardening is therapeutic as much as it is a lot of work. But while losing track of time indicates that you are having fun, it is never a bad idea to check out what the clock says.

In doing this, why would you go indoors when you can have a beautifully working clock outside? To make things easier during your gardening sessions, here are some of the best garden clocks you can get to complete your outdoor workspace. 

Smart Garden Ripley Wall Clock

Best overall garden clock.

Dimensions: 10x55x55 cm | Clock Type: Analog | Colour: Silver | Accessories: None

+ Striking vintage design

+ Durable construction

+ Weather-resistant materials

The Smart Garden Ripley Wall Clock has a striking vintage design that will look appealing both indoors and outdoors. It has a bizarre 3-dimensional design and a regal-looking metallic coat.

Apart from being aesthetic, it can even withstand the harshest weather conditions so time will always be on your side.

About Time Horse and Bell Garden Clock

Most stylish wall-mounted garden clock.

Dimensions: 27.4×8.4×47 cm | Clock Type: Analog | Colour: Bronze | Accessories: Thermometer, Bell

+ Elegant classic look

+ Adorable bell attachment underneath

+ Efficiently placed thermometer on the back side

Telling the time and temperature has never been this stylish. The About Time Horse and Bell Garden Clock literally rings a bell to it and even features a decorative horse which are all bronze-coloured.

This battery-operated timepiece has a classic Roman numeral numbering and both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature displays.

Perfect Time Radio Controlled Garden Clock

A vintage-looking clock with modern technology underneath.

Dimensions: 45.6×43.4×10.2 cm | Clock Type: Analog | Colour: Antique White | Accessories: Radio-Controlled Technology

+ Adjusts automatically because of radio-controlled technology

+ Rust-proof external casing

+ Eye-catching design

The Perfect Time Radio Controlled Garden Clock will always tell the time correctly as it checks in with the UK central point, and has no need for manual adjustments.

Its elegant design is protected with glass and a beautiful antique white rust-resistant metal casing. Besides being weatherproof, it is also versatile enough to hang anywhere outdoors.

About Time Slate Effect Patterned Garden Clock

Best patterned outdoor clock.

Dimensions: 35.8×35.1×9.8 cm | Clock Type: Analog | Colour: Black & Gold (Patterned) | Accessories: Thermometer

+ Additional humidity and temperature dials

+ UV and frost-resistant materials

+ Unique slate effect pattern

The triangular sand-coloured patterns of About Time Slate Effect Patterned Garden Clock resembles a sun shining brightly on your garden space.

Not that it glows but it will be attention-grabbing just the same. This clock has an easily readable numeric design and can even tell the temperature and humidity just as a smart gardener would like any clock to do!

Amazing Large Birdcage Garden Wall Clock

An elegant clock for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Dimensions: 55×35 cm | Clock Type: Analog | Colour: Grey | Accessories: Birdcage Design with Butterfly Ornaments

+ Large numerical prints

+ Durable weather-proof construction

+ Ideal choice for garden decoration

Add some whimsical character to your garden aesthetic with this grey-coloured Amazing Large Birdcage Garden Wall Clock.

This timepiece is battery-operated and has weather-resistant construction. It features two beautiful butterflies hanging around a two-dimensional birdcage.

Place it on textured surfaces and you can even make it a focal point in your garden!

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