Folding Sun Loungers

Best Folding Sun Loungers for the Patio or Garden

Going to the beach to destress will still be stressful if you cannot find a comfortable sun lounger to take with you. Why settle for towels when the sun and the sand are much too hot for your bare skin?

Hence, here are the best folding sun loungers for all beach lovers who just want to take a much-needed break!

Ostrich On Your Back Chair

Best folding chair for the beach.

Dimensions: 116.8×68.6×83.8 cm | Weight: 4.35kg Colour: Green | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Perfect for lounging on the beach

+ Cushioned headrest

+ Open/close face hole allows you to lay on your stomach with ease

Enjoy the beach with a cup of your favorite beverage on the side with the Ostrich on Your Back Chair that features a nice cup holder on its right armrest.

This chair is extra-wide with a reasonable-sized pillow. It also has backpack straps to allow easy transport anytime, anywhere!

Lafuma Futura Adjustable Sun Lounger

A simple and budget-friendly sun lounger.

Dimensions: 75x90x125 cm | Weight: 7.8kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Durable construction

+ Lightweight and easy to carry

+ Zero-gravity design reduces joint pain

The Lafuma Futura Adjustable Sun Lounger features a weather-resistant fabric called Batyline Iso. The fabric does not retain water and even has antifungal properties making it perfect as a pool-side accessory or a beach essential.

Its ergonomic design uses elastomere clips for easy attachment and a strong link of the fabric to the frame.

DQChair Sun Lounger

A premium choice for sun loungers.

Dimensions: 75x72x80 cm | Weight: 10kg | Colour: Silver | Cushions: Included

+ Most comfortable lounge chair

+ UV-resistant material

+ Built-in cup holder

Lounging outdoors is most comfortable with the DQChair Sun Lounger. With super-thick soft cushions, a sturdy frame, plus a built-in cup holder, you’ll find yourself relaxed in no time.

You can also remove the cushion and settle on a cool, lightweight black recliner that is perfect for the summer heat!

Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Pack Lounger

For those who don’t mind sitting on the ground.

Dimensions: 55.88×54.61×10.16 cm | Weight: 4.06kg | Colour: Green (Striped) | Cushions: None

+ Extremely lightweight

+ Perfect lounger for dates and hangouts

+ Built with soft paddings

The Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Pack Lounger may lay flat on the ground (or the sand) but with its soft and sturdy paddings, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for economy.

It’s probably the best to carry around for its lightweight, slim design, and it even has zipper pockets for safe-keeping your essentials on every outdoor activity.

Outsunny Adjustable Sun Lounger

Most ideal lounger for tanning.

Dimensions: 13x13x60 cm | Weight: 4kg | Colour: Blue | Cushions: Head Pillows

+ Comfortable head support

+ Portable design

+ Perfect choice for getting an even tan

The tri-fold Outsunny Adjustable Sun Lounger is space-saving and easy to carry around.

It features a reading hole which is perfect for those who need to tinker on their phones or read a book while getting a tan.

The comfortable head support and 4-level adjusting backrest make relaxation so easy!

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