Wide Sun Loungers

Best Wide Sun Loungers

The first thing you will notice in resorts and beaches aside from the breathtaking view is the wide sun loungers. These chairs are perfectly engineered to level up your relaxation in the best ways possible.

If you want to experience vacation-level comfort, then we have the right list of options for you! Check out these best wide sun loungers and get yours before the holidays end!

DQChair Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Best heavy-duty chair.

Dimensions: 96x16x76 cm | Weight: 10kg | Colour: Black | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Extra wide size

+ Durable materials and overall construction

+ Handy cup holder

The DQChair Oversized Zero Gravity Chair has everything you need in a sun lounger. It has more room for a person, a locking system that can be adjusted easily to your liking, and it doesn’t require installation at all!

It also has a great build-quality, so it’s the perfect sun lounger to bring on your getaways.

Homeway Reclining Sun Lounger

Perfect for trips or plain nap times.

Dimensions: 194x68x30 cm | Weight: 7kg | Colour: Grey | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Comfortable velvet pad

+ Sturdy steel frame

+ Adjustable to 4 positions

Improve your vacation experience with a stylish sun lounger that brings excellent comfort.

The Homeway Camp Bed Reclining Sun Lounger Folding Recliner is designed to be stored compactly, and it’s the best choice for beach getaways, camping trips, or even just for your backyard. The cushion and velvet pad is a great combination that boosts relaxation!

DQChair Outdoor Lounger Chair

Most comfortable lounger out there.

Dimensions: 75x72x80 cm | Weight: 10kg | Colour: Black | Cushions: Included

+ Thick and comfortable UV-resistant cushion

+ Efficiently placed cup holder

+ Dual fingertip locking system

Brings comfort like no other, the DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair has a cupholder, amazing cushion support, and a strong frame for sustained usage.

This recliner has a locking system made with dual fingertip aluminum alloy that allows you to lock it securely in any position you like. Despite its design, it can be folded compactly, which makes it easier to store and carry around.

Plant Theatre Reclining Hardwood Chair

For those who prefer traditional choices.

Dimensions: 140x54x91 cm | Weight: 13.7kg | Colour: Brown | Cushions: None

+ Appealing modernized vintage design

+ 3 comfortable reclining positions

+ Made of sturdy Acacia hardwood

The Plant Theatre Reclining Hardwood Steamer Chair is perfect for landscape lovers. The stained exterior is designed to match the colour of plants and other wood-made furniture that helps enhance your outdoor experience.

It has three reclining positions, a removable footrest, and it is made of hardwood Acacia that helps achieve its sturdiness and durability.

KingCamp Portable Reclining Sun Lounger

A simple yet highly efficient option.

Dimensions: 190x59x34 cm | Weight: 6.55kg | Colour: Beige | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Sleek and stylish design

+ Handy side compartment

+ Durable and supportive bungee rope system

The KingCamp Portable Reclining Sun Lounger offers more space for people, made of Textilene fabric that makes it tear-resistant, and it has a bungee rope system for better support.

The lounger also comes with a removable side pocket that can be easily washed from time to time.

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