Storage Sheds

Best Garden Storage Sheds for Bikes, Tools & Lawnmowers

Maintaining a garden is not as simple as it sounds. It takes time and plenty of help from our trusted garden tools and equipment so that we can be efficient all the time.

However, our mechanical helpers need a safe and secured space, too. To keep your machines and tools perfectly safe, here is a list of the best garden storage sheds you can easily check out! 

Keter Fusion Wood-Plastic Composite Shed

A simple yet aesthetic storage shed.

Dimensions: 2.29×1.22×2.52 metres | Material: Wood, Plastic | Doors: Swing Doors | Windows: Front Windows with Shades

+ Dark and rugged design

+ Made of natural wood

+ Reinforced structure with built-in air vents

The Keter Fusion Wood-Plastic Composite Shed features the beauty of a rustic wooden shed and the strength and versatility of low-maintenance resin. Its plastic walls are drillable, giving you optimum space.

With steel reinforcements and weather-resistant quality, this shed will be a secured home for your outdoor accessories, tools, and equipment.

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed

Best choice for capacity and design.

Dimensions: 243.84×83.82×81.28 cm | Material: High-Density Polyethylene | Doors: Swing Doors | Windows: Side Windows

+ Simple yet attractive design

+ Customizable shelves and overall storage system

+ Dual-Wall HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Construction

From large outdoor equipment to small garden tools and accessories, the Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed has a space for it.

This heavy-duty shed comes with shatter-resistant windows and impact-resistant, non-slip floors. With a clean, aesthetic design to accompany its excellent functionality, this shed will last you for a lifetime just like its namesake!

Suncast Premium Garden Storage Shed

One of the sturdiest garden sheds you will find.

Dimensions: 255.27×217.81×261.62 cm | Material: Blow-Molded Steel, Wall Resin | Doors: Swing Doors | Windows: Front Windows

+ Premium materials and overall construction

+ Spacious interior

+ Pad-lockable handles

The Suncast Premium Garden Storage Shed is constructed from resin wall panels with high-quality steel-reinforcements.

The durable roof panels feature four skylights to emit light from the outside and save you electricity.

It comes with two shelves which can be placed in the corners, along with an adequate interior space for large outdoor equipment.

Avondale Garden Shed

For those who prefer minimalistic sheds.

Dimensions: 304.8 x 243.84 x 243.84 cm | Material: Natural Wood | Doors: Swing Doors | Windows: Single Window

+ Simple minimalistic design

+ Barn-style swing doors

+ Sturdy metal frames

Made with natural wood, the Avondale Garden Shed is perfect for your classic, traditional taste.

It features an extra-wide double door to transport your large outdoor equipment in and out easily. You can personally choose if you want the shed to stay bare or paint it with any hue as you see fit!

Suncast Garden Storage Box Shed

Perfect choice for smaller gardens.

Dimensions: 203.2×147.32×132.08 cm | Material: Resin | Doors: Swing Doors, Sliding Roof | Windows: None

+ Easy to assemble

+ Durable multi-wall panels

+ Sliding lid provides easier walk-in access

For small garden owners in need of plenty storage space, the Suncast Garden Storage Box Shed is the perfect option.

Its sleek and ergonomic design is a bonus apart from its durability stemming from its blow-molded construction.

It just takes a few tools to have this shed assembled in no-time, making it one of the best-sellers in the market.

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