Garden Furniture Covers

Best Garden Furniture Covers

With the good old Irish Summer, there will be days when the sun is shining just a little too brightly, and of course, on others, the rain will pour non-stop.

Either way, it is always best to ready and to protect your garden furniture. Here are some of the best garden furniture covers that you can get to protect your furniture set.

Christopher Knight Waterproof Patio Cover

Best overall cover for your garden furniture.

Material: Polyester | Colour: Beige | Dimensions: 210.82×76.2×30.48 cm | Weight: 1.8kg

+ Perfect for covering chair and table sets

+ Simplistic slip-over design

+ Weighted construction makes it stay in place

The Christopher Knight Waterproof Patio Cover has a minimalist beige design that covers your furniture from top to bottom.

The material is made of durable polyester waterproof fabric which can last for a long time. It has two drawstrings, one at each end, which you can tighten to have a perfect fit.

Classic Accessories Veranda Sofa/Loveseat Cover

An amazing choice for the winter.

Material: Polyester | Colour: Beige, Brown | Dimensions: 49.53×39.37×5.08 cm | Weight: 453.59 Grams

+ Water-resistant undercoat

+ Vented construction promotes adequate airflow

+ Secure locking system

Let your garden furniture setup look as elegant even when it is covered and not in use. With the Classic Accessories Veranda Sofa/Loveseat Cover, you will get a smart, stylish-looking protection for your furniture.

All of the covers in the line have a dark-splash guard skirt for extra-protection and padded handles for easy covering and removal.

Duck Covers Soteria Rainproof Rectangular/Oval Patio Furniture Cover

Perfect for combatting the harsh sunlight.

Material: Weather-Resistant Fabric | Colour: Grey | Dimensions: 322.58×213.36×81.28 cm | Weight: 4.31kg

+ UV-resistant exterior

+ Hooded air vents prevent condensation

+ Elastic hem with click-lock system secure a snug fit

Secure both your tables and chairs with the Duck Covers Soteria Rainproof Rectangular/Oval Patio Cover. It has a large design to fit all furniture sets, and it has click-close straps to secure the cover in place.

The handles also make it easier to install and remove, and the waterproof reflective fabric says a lot about its weather-resistant capabilities.

ULTCOVER 600D Rectangular Patio Furniture Cover

Best budget-friendly furniture cover.

Material: 600D Polyester | Colour: Black | Dimensions: 281.94×187.96×71.12 cm | Weight: 5.56kg

+ Durable 600D polyester canvas

+ Weather-resistant materials

+ Well-placed air vents and locking system

The ULTCOVER 600D Rectangular Patio Furniture Cover is made of waterproof, heavy-duty polyester fabric that works well to protect your furniture from the harshest weather conditions!

It’s black color is stylish but discreet. It also features an air vent, attachment straps, and elastic cords to achieve a snug fit.

Classic Accessories Veranda Barbecue Grill Cover

Perfect for protecting your barbecue grills.

Material: Polyester, PVC | Colour: Beige, Brown | Dimensions: 63.5×121.92×182.88 cm | Weight: 2.72kg

+ Water-repellent top coating

+ Padded handles

+ Elastic cord secures a tight fit

For grill lovers out there, you will love the Classic Accessories Veranda Barbecue Grill Cover that can safeguard your grillers against heat and cold.

You can’t have BBQ parties every day. So while the grill is at rest, protect it with this elegant waterproof top cover and dark-splash guard skirt.

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