Budget Sun Loungers

Best Budget or Economy Sun Loungers

Sun loungers are great to relax with especially when all you want is to take a break. But do you know what’s better than sun loungers? Budget-friendly ones, of course!

Take a look at this list of the best budget or economy sun loungers and start imagining your relaxing get-away with a comfortable lounger in tow. 

HOMECALL Folding Chair

Best multi-functional lounger.

Dimensions: 84x59x77 cm | Weight: 4.82kg | Colour: Black & White (Striped) | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Lightweight and portable design

+ Features 7 different positions

+ Tough 600D polyester fabric

Relax with a bottle of soda in your hand with the HOMECALL Folding Chair because interestingly, it comes with a built-in bottle opener.

This lounger is designed ergonomically and can be easily folded to fit inside a carry bag. It boasts 7-level reclining positions until you can reach a complete lying position.

It is also made to resist moisture and stains!

Ejoyous Portable Folding Sun Lounger

Best overall economy sun lounger.

Dimensions: 74x67x17 cm | Weight: 6.3kg | Colour: Blue | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Comfortable Oxford fabric

+ Adjustable in 4 reclining positions

+ Extra wide size

Sit down or lie still with the Ejoyous Portable Folding Sun Lounger. Just like the namesake, it is an absolute joyous idea.

It has a soft detachable pillow to support your neck, and a 4-angle recliner to ensure the best position when you are ready to snooze. It is made with a strong steel tube and non-slip foot pads to maintain steady footing.

AMANKA Folding Lounge Chair

The perfect all-around chair.

Dimensions: 153x60x30 cm | Weight: 5kg | Colour: Grey | Cushions: Head Cushion

+ Simple yet sturdy design

+ Built-in folding lock

+ Perfect for indoor/outdoor use

The AMANKA Folding Lounge Chair comes in a sleek grey colour with a strong steel frame. Although it looks stiff and sturdy, it has a detachable neck pillow for your comfort.

You can either sit down comfortably or fully lie flat on it. Either way,  you can practically carry this folding chair anywhere.

VidaXL Folding Sun Lounger

For those who prefer simpler options.

Dimensions: 59x108x108 cm | Weight: 4.26kg | Colour: White | Cushions: None

+ Durable plastic material

+ Excellent construction

+ Easy to fold and transport

Go for a classic white touch with the VidaXL Folding Sun Lounger.  Just displaying this solid white thing out your doorstep would be striking.

This foldable lounger made from maintenance-free plastic is a simple but fantastic option to bring on your equally stress-free get-away. With an adjustable backside and sturdy-looking build, you will feel secured and comfortable just by sitting on it.

Novamat Children’s Folding Lounger

A stylish lounger for your kids.

Dimensions: 99x50x4 cm | Weight: 3.5kg | Colour: Green | Cushions: None

+ Flashy design for children

+ Adjustable up to 3 positions

+ The frame is made of sturdy natural Beechwood

Even children need to feel relaxed, and Novamat Children’s Folding Lounger is the best choice for your adorable little ones.

This environment-friendly lounger is made of unpainted beech wood which is extra-resilient to keep up with your child’s hyped up attitude.

The playfully designed cover dries quickly when soaked by the rain but can also be removed for cleaning.